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7.30am - 2am


Afternoon Delight



Tuesday 2pm
Thursday 12 Midday

Friday 5am
Saturday 2am

Tony, from Milton Keynes has over 40 years of broadcaster experience, from Hospital Radio, The BBC and Community and Internet stations. He is delighted to be one of the senior members of Spectrum On Air.

Promoting local events; taking a look at the theatre and entertainment scene with a fun hour of requests and dedications.


Real Room Radio


Friday 8pm
Sunday 5am
Tuesday 12 noon

Jo ( spelt without the e as there were too many Joe's on spotify and needed to be different ), Has had many years as a musician and has even supported Annie Lennox with the Tourists. He has met up with so many well known faces over the years and even played on stage with some.


During the 1970s, he worked as a DJ in Glasgow for a charity organisation. Now in his twilight years he is still to be found playing live at song clubs around his local area and meeting so many up and coming artists. You can also find his music on spotify etc.


This gave him the idea to give something back by looking for a platform for this. He came across Spectrum On Air and will now be using this station to give something back to the new music artists and listeners.


The Bandcamp Hour


Saturday 3pm
Monday 7pm
Wednesday 2am
Tuesday 10pm

Welcome to "The Bandcamp Hour," hosted by Cybertronix, the owner of RetroReverbRecords. 
Aligned with the core values of our record label, this show is a dedicated platform for supporting artists, ensuring their voices are heard and that they are treated fairly.

As the name suggests, "The Bandcamp Hour" exclusively features tracks that are available on non-streaming platforms. 
This curated selection reflects our commitment to showcasing independent artists on the Bandcamp platform.

Tune in as I present a carefully chosen playlist of 5-7 tracks, from last Friday's releases delving into their merits and discussing ways to support these talented artists. Additionally, the show will be interactive, with opportunities for fans to pose questions. 
Special guests will also make appearances, adding an exciting dynamic to the broadcast.

Join us for an hour of musical exploration, meaningful conversations, and a celebration of independent artistry. 
"The Bandcamp Hour" is not just a show; it's a movement dedicated to promoting and appreciating the unique talents within the independent music community. 
Welcome to the family.


Community Matters


Mondays 11am
Wednesday 1am & 10am
Friday 10am

Sheri has 10 years radio experience, including her own shows on Community Radio Worldwide.  An honoured Professor & PhD in Environmental Management from UK University, Lecturer, Author and researcher on UK, EU, Middle East Environment & Climate Change.  She is also a Town Councillor, a candidate for UK Labour & Co-operative Parties.  Community Matters combines music with information about how decisions are made and Laws and how you can influence them.  There's never been a better time to have such an 'on point' Presenter on Spectrum On Air.


Living With Diabetes


Thursday 7pm
Monday 1pm
Wednesday 11am

Every month in partnership with Spectrum On Air Radio ‘Living With Diabetes’ interviews a well-known celebrity from the Political, Sports or Business World  who has personal experience on living with diabetes, which we will share with our listeners from around the world.

The Heritage Chart



Sunday 5pm-7pm

The Heritage Chart is broadcast from 5 to 7pm every Sunday here on Spectrum On Air.

It is hosted by the broadcasting legend that is Mike Read. Who is in the top 40?  Who is number 1? Voted on by people in 80 Countries across the Globe - Sunday nights just got special!

HC Logo.jpeg

The Lyric Show


Monday 8pm to 10pm
Wednesday 5pm to 7pm
Friday 6pm to 8pm

Two hours of songs where you can hear the words.

Have you ever wondered why Kate Bush was running up that hill? Or why The Rolling Stones thought Jumping Jack Flash was a gas? Or why Elvis Costello thought Oliver's Army was here to stay? Find out in The Lyric Show with David Bailey as he uncovers the meanings behind familiar songs with guests and new music.





"Where Radio Meets Business"

A unique and innovative teamwork event day experience - produce and broadcast your own business-oriented radio show live from your own offices at 4pm.


Grumpies On Spec

Mike Barry, Alan Mallyon, Bob Bluffield and Guests!

Saturday 8am to 10am
Monday 5pm  to 7pm
Thursday 1pm to 3pm

Grumpies On Spec, the new name for The Grumpy Old Men, inspiring, controversial, opinionated. Expect a few laughs and a little anger along the way as former Milton Keynes mayor Mike Barry, entrepreneur film-maker Alan Mallyon, former professional photographer turned author, Bob Bluffield, discuss the week’s topics. One thing you can be sure of the show is never dull.


The Breakfast Show


Every weekday morning from 8am

It’s the maddest breakfast show on radio. Follow the antics of Mike every weekday morning from 8-9 when he’s joined by a cockerel (Ken) his girlfriend (Kenetta) a puppy 
(Barney) and another young cockerel (Clive). It’s mad, fun and there’s some good music added into the mix.

You can even watch the antics live between 8 - 9am here:-




Wednesday 3 - 4pm
Thursday 5 - 6pm
Saturday 5- 6pm

After travelling to and from the USA for 37 years Barry tries to feature as many different music genres from all those states. He combines new material from right across the country with the occasional classic and tales from his many adventures across the USA.

Let’s Get It On



Monday Midnight to 2am
Thursday 4pm to 6pm
Saturday 8pm to 10pm

Suzanne Letting in partnership with many other radio stations, music distributors and independent artists brings you some brand-new releases from around the Globe from Artists you may not hear on mainstream Radio. Each week Suzanne will air new or upcoming releases from some undiscovered Artists as well as some new releases from well-known favourites, so grab that cup of tea, cup of coffee or even a glass of wine and sit back and get lost in some fabulous music.


Tony's Time Tunnel



Featuring quips and classic tracks from music’s golden eras.

Tony, from Milton Keynes has over 40 years of broadcaster experience, from Hospital Radio, The BBC and Community and Internet stations. He is a senior member of the Spectrum On Air team. 


The Irish Music Show 



Keith brings you the very best of emerging Artists from Ireland.


Electro Wave Show


Friday 10pm
Tuesday 5pm
Wednesday Midnight
Thursday 2am

Playing the best in new and classic electronica from all over the world.

Welcome to the Electro Wave Show, playing out of Spectrum On Air every Friday evening from 10pm UK. Stuart plays the latest electronic music as well as classic 80s, covers and great remixes. The tracks are mixed together so you’ve have the pleasure of 2 hours of pure music and limited chat! 😊

Join Stuart and have a listen to music you didn’t even know you loved!




Mondays 11pm
Wednesdays 1pm
Fridays Midnight

Simon Astley is an Australian Pop Singer. He has been continuing his run of success, working alongside award winning Australian Producer Sam Panetta (Kylie Minogue, Crowded House, Kisschasy), and New York USA Producer Ray Balconis.Astley is the new host of the Radio Show AUS10, which is broadcast on Radio in the UK. It features established and new emerging Australian artists.​Astley's new single "Everything Will Be All Right" has just been released.


Route 66


Thursday 11am
Saturday 1pm
Tuesday 6pm
Wednesday 4am

Experience the global appeal of American popular music, as it reflects the American multi-ethnic population through its diverse array of musical styles.  Styles have captivated worldwide audiences since the 20th century.

Where and when did a specific musical genre start?  Who are the artists that ‘broke’ new musical ground?

Every week, Rose Marie delves into various genres, from traditional pop, jazz, and blues to country, bluegrass, rock, and even the vibrant sounds of hip-hop/rap, soul, funk, and more, offering a mixture of facts and factoids. 

Whether you are listening to Rose Marie from Milton Keynes or anywhere else in the world, immerse yourself in American culture by understanding the country's music.


The Alien Temple


Saturday 10pm - Late 
Monday 2am until the morning
Wednesday 10-12pm

Musician, Percussionist, Writer, Arranger, Composer, Producer; Mixer, World Music, DJ, Multi-Instrumentalist, Re-mixing, Film, TV and Documentary Music this is a show you simply can't miss! His compositions are clear, mysterious, piercing to the soul, intense, passionate and seductive Listening to his music make every muscle in your body move. 

The sound Harri Kakoulli creates has made him one of the world's leading and sought-after producers of world music, and as an artist in his own right collaborating with many other artists to create music that one cannot help but be swept up by. Your feet will not stop dancing! 

Harri Kakoulli has the soul of a dancer, his music has the ability to let people see the musical notes dancing with their ears, OLE!


Music Mix

Music Mix


Various times during the week

Music Mix is what you hear when the studio is empty and everyone has gone home. But don't panic. We wouldn't leave you without some of your favourite mixes and our backroom boys have been careful in selecting only the best sounds for your delicate, refined and sophisticated ears. Some Music Mix one hour sessions are literally that, an eclectic mix of genres, whilst others have been crafted for a single type of music, from such diverse sources as modern jazz to synthetic soundscapes (and introduced by guest presenters! Woooh!).
The title on the Music Mix flash on the homepage will alert you to the type of music playing that hour (and you can checkout the weekly schedule).
It's all here for your entertainment on Spectrum on Air - we really are - the Colour of Radio!


The A-Z Of Northern Soul


Monday 10pm
Wednesday 7pm
Thursday  11am
Friday 3pm

In 1978 a fresh faced Glyn was a regular at The Wigan Casino all-nighters, Nottiingham Palais all-dayers, and many other soul clubs around the country.

Northern soul became a passion for him and he became an avid record collector.

Glyn’s career as a DJ started at 7 years of age on his brother’s mobile disco. From 13 he was working in night clubs and in 1994 following a stint on pirate radio he started his own radio station in the UK called ‘Valley Radio’

In 1997 Glyn began the ‘Soultastic’ Soul Club based at Alfreton Leisure Centre in Derbyshire UK attracting up to 800 soul lovers every month at the regular Northern soul nights.

Glyn Williams.png

Glyn’s radio shows can be heard at and you can contact him direct using




Fridays 1am 2am 3am
Saturday 3am
Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday Noon

Here at Spectrum On Air we like to offer our support to all the Artists who submit music to us and that's why we have created this unique playlist, so that you can hear all the music submitted to us for our show Lets Get It On with Suzanne Letting.

On rotation, we play the very best of global electronic/synth/indie music. Tune in to hear these fabulous musical compositions.

Emerging Artists

Emerging Artists



Here at Spectrum On Air we like to offer our support to all the Emerging Artists from all Genres who submit music to us and that's why we have created this unique playlist, so that you can hear all the new music submitted to us. On rotation, we play new releases from emerging artists from across the UK, Glasgow, Ireland, USA, Australia - tune in - Shazam these Artists and go, like, follow and share! 


Be More Betsy

Betsy and Laura

Sunday 7pm
Tuesday Midday

Thursday 6am

Two authors, Betsy and Laura, team together to pick you up, end the week with a smile, and get two unique perspectives of life. 
Betsy Griffin, the 9 year old who is already a rock star and published author in her own right, and childrens author Laura Gannon.
Broadcasting from two sides of the world, bringing you a positive outlook and some fun to brighten your day. 




Sunday 9pm
Wednesday 9pm
Friday 1am


Rolandas has very colourful biography and active life. He was born in Lithuania. His mother is Lithuanian but his father is German. He  lives now too between Cologne, Germany and Copenhagen, Denmark :)

Join him every Sunday at 9pm for a menu of techno, flavoured with trance, uk bass, breakbeat and indie dance.

#techno, #hardtechno, #acid, #trance, #ukbass, #breakbeat, #indiedance

Pluggin Baby Radio Show

Emma Scott


Thursday 3pm
Sunday 3pm
Wednesday Midnight

Join Emma for her 2 hour weekly guitar-based music show that features the most exciting independent talent as well as established bands who have fired up Emma’s musical passion since she started her radio career back in 1988.   


Acoustic sets and interviews with familiar artists and classic tracks, as well as introductions to fresh new bands should keep ears and the imagination fired up with its weekly offering. 


As Emma shines the spotlight on her favourite artists and encounters from over the years; exhilarating new sounds will lie seamlessly side by side with the likes of “Shinedown, Linkin Park, Foo Fighters, Green Day, Paramore, Stereophonics, Jimmy Eat World, Placebo, and of course Muse!”, the latter a band openly beloved by the lady herself.   


“So good, I named my company after one of their songs!” she declared. 

Pluggin Baby Radio Show Artwork 2022.png

Click image for previous shows

Mind Your Own Business

Mind Your Own Business

Sharon and Stuart

Thursday 7pm
Saturday  7pm
Tuesday 9pm

Mind Your Own Business aka "MYOB", jointly presented by Sharon and Stuart, aims to bring attention to the burning business issues of the day. This includes topics that are relevant and impactful to both the business world and society as a whole. 
By fostering dialogue and collaboration, MYOB provides a platform for thought leaders to engage in meaningful discussions around the challenges and opportunities presented by our current economic and environmental climate.

Click on the Episodes below to learn more about the discussion


The Indie Eye


Saturday  2pm
Tuesday  8pm
Thursday 11pm
Friday 2am

RikiAbi is the founder and leader of the Frankie&RikiAbi  music project, proposing adventures and different colourful landscapes in electronic music.
Riki comes from his original Italian name while Abi means 'elder brother' in Turkish and it is like saying 'bro' among friends.From the magic Istanbul where he moved for love, he follows the indie scene from close and from inside, giving and receiving support from some amazing communities.
THE INDIE EYE investigates where indie music is going...if artists try to fit in the industry standards or preserve their  personal  creative approach. Which genres and tendencies are more common on the other side of the mainstream? We will discover it together... this is what no other radio will tell you...

#indie #indierock #indiepop #indieelectronica #unsigned

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