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 Meet a Sponsor

On this page you can meet one of our wonderful Spectrum On Air sponsors whom, without their generous donations, the station would cease to exist.

Catherine J Campbell - CJC Promotions


I have loved music from the age of 9 when my parents gave me my very first single.  Brotherhood of Man’s “Save All Your Kisses For Me” won the 1976 Eurovision song contest but it won my heart too. From that moment I was hooked on music!

As a teen I was a disco chick but also loved the 80s big hair rock bands. The 90s saw my love of Yorkshire lads Smokie (“I’ll meet you at midnight” ) return bigtime and probably started my journey into music promotion.

In 2015 I began a new chapter – music promotion. I specialise in getting bands and artists radio airplay and I also guest and co-host on radio shows around Scotland. I love doing this and it makes me feel alive. I’ve networked extensively over the last three years and have made many contacts and friends worldwide.


What do I like away from music?

I love driving – road trips, which usually involve music. I love travelling abroad and adore flying. I love the sea, the beach and swimming. I’m super lucky to have spent my life living not far from many gorgeous beaches in Scotland.

Life – we get one and it’s too short to not grab every opportunity with both hands and have new adventures. Memories are made from experiences and I for one will look back on my life and know I lived each chapter to the very best I could.

Over the last 6 years I have worked extremely hard with long hours and a lot of stress to build CJC Promotions. I do everything on my own. Now, six years later, I have an extensive supportive-network worldwide with amazing presenters and radio stations which has been achieved through constant networking and being on top of everything with my eye for detail.


I'm now at the point where I have radio presenters/shows/stations approaching me to supply them with new music. I feel very strongly about supporting local community radio stations.

It’s all about teamwork.

you can contact catherine here -

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